Alyssa’s trip to London
Alyssa’s trip to London
Posted on Jan 13
Posted on Jan 12

Okay so I feel bad I kinda abandoned this blog while I was in England (I got preoccupied) and then I got busy once I got back.

So because of that I will start to post some of the pictures from the trip and basically back track on everything.

Posted on Jan 12
Anonymous said: I've been accepted and confirmed my place with the University of Greenwich, but I haven't recieved or heard ANYTHING from the school. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I sent an email and haven't gotten a reply. I know there's a pre-registration deposit, but I haven't been informed when it's due (or anything for that matter). I was hoping you might have an idea, being from America like myself, as to what I should do. I'm getting anxious and I haven't found or know anyone who can help me.

I wish I could help more. I’m not exactly in the same situation as you as I’m here with a program through my school. I can tell you though that they are currently working on bare skeleton staff right now, literally you might be lucky to see 3 people on campus who are not security. With the Olympics its even more busy on the bare staff, I know we’ve had some trouble with them. You might want to try and wait it out until this week is over.

Calling might also do good, rather than just emailing. Like I said even though they’re not in session I know for sure there is at least one person in the office daily but try and call before 4pm GMT time as they do leave slightly early.

Also, just as a tip or something I’ve noticed studying here. They seem to give their students a lot more independence, where schools in the states tell you when everything is due and where right out front schools here (or Greenwich) tend to have you figure it out on your own. 

Hoped I helped just a little, if you need any more feel free to ask and I’ll try and think of something.

Posted on Aug 4

So financial aid was finally released. When we started this adventure with Study Abroad we thought we would end up having to pay ~$13,000, I’m now happy to say that without having to take up private loans and with only scholarships, financial aid, and student loans I normally get my mom had to pay a grand total $1,144.50 and I currently have $1,500 in my bank account.

Posted on May 31

Just received a $500 scholarships from the Division of Arts and Humanties for England!

Posted on May 21

According to my mother even without financial aid we have enough saved up for my summer tuition to be completely paid off.

Posted on May 19

So, we didn’t actually have to register with Greenwich, apparently it was a mistake we got the emails. They were like mass emails sent to all students.

Surprisingly it made me feel special.

Posted on May 11

Registering with The University of Greenwich.

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We had a health & safety orientation today…it was kind of pointless for our group because most of the troubles they were talking about were for the students going to undeveloped or third world countries.

So we got to “learn”

In England they drive on “the other side” of the road.

In England you can drink at 18.

In England they get into pub fights.

In England it rains a lot.

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